SQFTCB-1071 Broom Bins

Broom Bins


we provide all material handling and storage solutions for all types of industry, retail , online product sales and solutions for every customer need.

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Product Specifications

Brand Adarsh Industries
Length 30 m
Width 24 m
Height 28 m
Type Bin
Capacity Up to 10 kg

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Product Information

Professional company dealing in all kinds of material handling and storage solutions . We provide solutions thru a team of qualified professionals having experience of more than 20 years . We are manufacturers of all kinds of racking solutions used in industry , infrastructure , retail sector , institutions . we also help our customers to get the right material handling solutions thru our channel partners for movement and packaging of the raw material , material under process , packing of finished goods and also storage and retrival of finished goods. we also provide solutions for movement of goods inside warehouse . we are also engaged in to give solutions for docking , loading and unloading of finished products into the vehicles for easy transportation. we also help our customers warehousing facility thru our channel partners , to get a warehouse or new premises on rental and purchase basis. 



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