SQFTFS-765 Concrete Floor Polishing

Concrete Floor Polishing SQFTFS-765 Share :

It takes care of all your flooring needs whether it be Industrial, Warehouse, Institutional, Parking Floors, or Decorative Flooring.
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Product Specifications

Brand Zenith Flooring Services
Thickness Customized
Design Type Floor Polishing
Surface Finish Polishing

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Product Information

Zencrete is a Hardener/ Densifier, brand of Zenith Flooring Services which it uses extensively for Dust Proofing and Diamond Polishing floors across India. The concrete floor polished with Zencrete obtains a surface extremely durable, without a resin coating or paint that can detach or spoil over time. It is also suitable for the traffic of forklifts, as there won't be any signs of tire marks on the floor, while providing excellent grip. Hardening with Zencrete Chemicals allows you to close the micro-porosity of the cement making the floor Dust Proof, easy to clean, resistant to external agents and to the passage of heavy vehicles. Also the hygienic aspect is appreciated on workplaces.



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