SQFTS-2055 Electric Stacker ST12 SERIES

Electric Stacker ST12 SERIES


It is an ideal combination of a stacker & forklift.

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Product Specifications

Brand Maini Material
Capacity 1200 Kg
Lift Height 4200 mm
Lowered Fork Height 80 mm
Ground Clearance 70 mm
Turning Radius 1450 mm
Net Weight 500 Kg
Battery 24/240 V/AH
Load center 600 mm
Fork Length 1150 mm
Fork Width 550 mm

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Product Information

Product Info:

1.) Ideal combination of a stacker and forklift 

2.) Features of a sit-down style fork lift without its high costs 

3.) Can handle any type of load 

4.) One vehicle for all operations 

5.) Battery Discharge Indicator with Pump Lockout and Hour Meter.


1.) Load Backrest 

2.) Battery Change Trolley

3.) Stand-on Platform.



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