SQFTP-5099 Rectangular four way wooden pallet

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A rectangular four way wooden pallet can be lifted and moved from all four sides with a forklift. This is commonly used for transportation and storage of goods.

₹ 900 /piece

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Product Specifications

Brand J.N.J. Enterprises
Type Wooden Pallet
Capacity 750 kg
Material wooden
Shape rectangular
Thickness 3 cm

Product Information

A rectangular four-way wooden pallet is a type of pallet that has a rectangular shape and can be lifted and moved from all four sides with a pallet jack or forklift. It is a standard type of pallet that is commonly used in the transportation and storage of goods. The pallet is typically made from natural wood, such as pine, spruce, or hardwood, and has a slatted top and bottom deck with three or more stringers running between them for support. Four-way pallets are designed to allow for efficient handling and storage of goods. They have a smooth and even surface that can accommodate a wide range of products, from small boxes to large crates and machinery. Additionally, the four-way entry points make it easy to lift and move the pallet from all sides, which can save time and effort during loading and unloading operations.



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