SQFTA-1204 Vertical Storage System (ASRS Module)

Vertical Storage System (ASRS Module) SQFTA-1204 Share :

Rabatex RAPID is a vertical lift module, the automated storage, and picking system of any products and goods in any different work environment increasing the performance of workhouse and shop floor.

₹ 5.5 Lakh

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Product Specifications

Brand Rabatex Industries
Load Capacity 750 Kg

Product Information

Features of RAPID VLM :

Unit heights: 4000mm to 24000mm (In multiple of 500 mm)

Tray depth: 540mm/640mm/840mm

Tray length: 1160mm to 3720 mm

Weight capacity per tray: 250 kg to 750 kg

Operator interface: colour touch screen console (HMI)

Automatic tray weight measurement

Ergonomic tray position

Rugged steel structure

Extractor driven by high precision and low noise toothed belt transmission.

Automatic door mechanism

Light curtain for operator safety

Additional Accessories (on request) :

Tray accessories for compartment creation 

External Bay

Dual tray delivery

Multiple opening access

Portable extension bay

Laser pointer for material detection

Barcode scanning system

Inventory control management software

Remote diagnosis 

The Benefit of RAPID VLM: 

Save up to 85% floor Space

High economic efficiency by faster material availability with reduced labor

Elimination of manual mistakes

Best protected inventory management

Storage and handling of light to heavy parts

Accidents free operation by advanced safety devices

Easy & ergonomic operation


Application Industries of RAPID VLM







E Commerce

Food & Beverages




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2 years ago
Best vertical storage solution, increase current productivity. #VLM #verticalstorage #automaticstorage #automatedstorage #textile #logistics #weaving #asrs #autoamticretrival #storage #verticalstorage #storagesolution #modernstorage
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