SQFTIC-648 Xtreme Coolers -X5 Series

Xtreme Coolers -X5 Series SQFTIC-648 Share :

Xtreme Cooler specializes in designing and installing evaporative air cooling systems to cool the industrial & commercial buildings.
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Product Specifications

Brand Xtreme Cooler
Dimension 50x50x56 inch
Pad Size 38X35X4 inch
Weight 152 Kg
Water Capacity 55 Ltr
Water Lack Capacity Yes
Power 3 Kw
Pressure 336 Pa
Fan Type 2 speed

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Product Information

Xtreme Coolers X 5 Series:

Designed to cope with even the harshest conditions, the Xtreme cooler features a range of benefits including:

  1. Suitable for up to 35,000 cu. Ft areas and long ducts.
  2. Streamline design, durable and elegant appearance.
  3. High strength polymer external casing.
  4. Specially designed axial fan with large airflow, low noise, and energy-saving design.
  5. High-quality aluminum housing motor.
  6. Highly efficient cooling pads with large evaporation capacity and good cooling efficiency.
  7. High-performance GREENKOL cooling pads.



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