SQFTH-236 Air Purification & Monitoring

Air Purification & Monitoring SQFTH-236 Share :

It provides enhanced air purification and real-time insights to reduce maintenance costs, increase energy efficiency, and improve occupant experience.
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Product Specifications

Brand Clairco
Initial Static Pressure 90-95% at 200 FPM
Dust Holding Capacity 47-55 Pa at 200 FPM

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Product Information

Clairco is the only company which provides guaranteed clean air with SLA based payment terms. We provide end to end air quality management services which include air quality monitoring with IoT platform, retrofittable air filters of MERV 13 grade with predictive filter maintenance, Treated Fresh Air, UVGI technologies, and API integration of the IoT platform for displaying the data to building occupants. We provide all these products in a Zero-Cap-Ex, clean air as a service model with a fixed monthly subscription fee. 

Indoor air pollution has been ranked among the top five environmental risks to public health. Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is proven to have significant impacts on people’s comfort, health, and performance.

An indoor air quality (IAQ) monitor will report on the levels of common pollutants and other air conditions inside your building in real-time.

Clairco’s Air quality Monitors are accurate and app-enabled, they are designed and manufactured in India.



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