SQFTH-4832 Veracious MS 4000 CFM Wet Air Scrubber

Veracious MS 4000 CFM Wet Air Scrubber

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Mild Steel 4000 CFM Wet Air Scrubber, For Commercial

₹ 60000 /unit

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Product Specifications

Brand Veracious
Dust Holding Capacity 4000 CFM

Product Information

A mild steel wet air scrubber is a type of air pollution control device that is used to remove pollutants from industrial exhaust gas streams. The wet air scrubber works by using a liquid (often water) to capture and remove pollutants from the exhaust gas stream. The gas stream is passed through a tower or vessel containing a scrubbing solution, which captures the pollutants and removes them from the gas stream. The scrubbing solution is then typically recycled or treated for disposal. Mild steel wet air scrubbers are commonly used in a variety of industries, including power generation, chemical processing, and metal fabrication. They are often chosen for their durability, low cost, and effectiveness at removing a wide range of pollutants from exhaust gas streams.



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