SQFTGL-2195 Four Channel Hydraulic Goods Lift

Four Channel Hydraulic Goods Lift SQFTGL-2195 Share :

We offer a wide range of Four Channel Hydraulic Goods Lifts and cage lifts, specially designed for scale lifting of the material from one floor to another at different levels.
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Product Specifications

Brand Giraffe
Capacity 2000 Kg
Material Steel
Operating Height 45 Ft
Dimensions(Cabin) 6x6 Ft
Lifting Speed 3 to 6 m/min

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Product Information

Product Info:

1.) Used to shift shop floor goods to up stairs

2.) Up & Down movement with fully automatic electric power pack

3.) Fully interlocked with height limit switches, door limit switches & hooter

4.) Adjustable overload protection valve gives safety against overloading

5.) These lifts are self standing lifts & no civil work like duct or heavy top slab is needed

6.) Power pack is on ground for easy maintenance work.



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