SQFTGL-2394 Hydraulic Goods Lift

Hydraulic Goods Lift SQFTGL-2394 Share :

Wall Mounted Goods Lifts (Wall Mounted Stackers) manufactured by AGROMEC.
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Product Specifications

Capacity 1500 Kg
Material Stainless Steel
Operating Height 30 Ft
Dimensions(Cabin) 4x3 Ft
Lifting Speed 3 to 5 m/min

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Product Information


1.) It can be used to transfer the material from basement  to first floor, second floor, or even up to third floor height.

2.) This is a more economical alternative to the Scissor Tables, particularly, for lighter loads up to 1500 kgs.

3.) A strong wall or vertical structure is available in the works, this can be installed more economically as well as in a comparatively smaller space.

4.) Two parallel vertical channel masts are provided with foundation plate which can be grouted in the wall.

5.) Push buttons are provided on the Control Panel for up / down motion.

6.) If a person has to go up / down along with the load, another push button station is provided over the platform.



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