SQFTP-1331 Temporary Shed

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Our temporary warehouses are alternate solutions for any need of extra space for your company. It protects your material with safety and can be used for many reasons. The Shed can be set up anywhere.

₹ 25 /Sqft

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Product Specifications

Brand S. Mohammed Haneef & Co.

Product Information

Turnkey Installation Process:

Professional Delivery, Installation and Removal of the warehouse.

S. Mohammed Haneef & Co. will provide all the tools, equipment, supervision, and the labor necessary for construction and removal of a rented temporary warehouse. There is no surprise cost to our service. We provide turnkey solutions for on-site temporary structures for warehouse and industrial applicants.

Listed below are stages to construct your on-site temporary warehouse structure:-

1.) Initial selection of the warehouse site and mobilization

2.) Assembly and frame layout of the warehouse structure

3.) Erecting the trusses and providing the pillar support

4.) Covering the entire shed with GI Sheets

5.) Delivery

The temporary warehouse structures facilitate on-site clear span storage space from 1,600 sq. feet to 2,00,000 sq. feet and more if required. We operate and deliver our service throughout South-India and now Pan-India.

Our metal superstructures and portable warehouses are made of MS tubular columns and GI or galvalume powder coated sheets, engineered for extreme wind and protection from heavy rainfall. One of the biggest advantages of a temporary warehouse space is that it helps to keep your items safe from theft, vandalism and the weather.

We make the installation process seamless and turnkey. Before erection, we discuss the needs of the company and come up with the best solution. These warehouse structures can be delivered within days, compared to the months and years of a permanent construction. There is no specific foundation required, which means the structure can be built on dirt, existing concrete and asphalt.

If there is any sudden need of extra storage space, our structures can be expanded easily to meet the requirement.

Common Uses: 

1.) Surplus stock usage, on/off season

2.) Warehouse between two existing warehouses

3.) Labor working area during summer and monsoon

4.) Project inventory

5.) Sub-assembly, Intermediate Post-ponement facilities

6.) Transit shed

7.) Consolidation Centre

8.) Sortation Centre

9.) Extentions of existing sheds.



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