SQFTCS-502 ACRES(Multi-Company Warehouse Management)

ACRES(Multi-Company Warehouse Management) SQFTCS-502 Share :

"Cloud-based and mobile-enabled Warehouse System system with integrated billing to make every pallet and square-foot more efficient."
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Product Specifications

Brand WebXpress
Services Cloud Bases Warehouse Solutions

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Product Information

WebXpress WMS ACRES manages the entire operational and financial side of the movement in Warehouse. Manage all warehousing activities from arrival to storage to location management and dispatch. It can be integrated with ERP to provide a seamless solution. What You Can Expect from WebXpress WMS ACRES

1.Supports entire Inbound process (ASN, GRN Generation, Put Away Ticket)

2.Supports entire Outbound process (Order Management, Pick Ticket, Dispatch, Delivery)

3.Cycle Count and Stock Transfer

4.Technology Integration with Barcode & HHT devices

5.Activity-based Auto Alerts via email and SMS

6.Reports (MIS related, Stock related, etc


·         A concise checklist of WebXpress WMS ACRES functionalities:

·         Inbound Process - Generate GRN, Put Away Ticket,

·         Inspection, Advance Shipping Note

·         Outbound Process - Order Management, Generate &

·         Update Pick Ticket, Delivery Tracker

·         Stock Transfer - Auto transfer of stock

·         from rack to rack and warehouse to warehouse

·         Cycle Count - By blocking stock so that audit

·         can be performed quickly and accurately

·         HHT & Barcoding - Practically integrate any portable

·         device & barcode your stock and location without entering a record

Applications: Gate-pass management, staging, inspection, inbound and outbound control, dispatch management, stock visibility WebXpress Acres handles every operational situation.



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