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"LogiCloud simplifies how customers connect and integrate with all their stakeholders, covering everything from order management, operational tracking, mapping and even last mile and proof of delivery
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Brand WebXpress
Services Cloud Solutions

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Product Information

·) LogiCloud is India’s First and deepest Real-Time Transportation Visibility Portal.

·) LogiCloud has onboarded 70+ logistics service providers and 25+ IoT partners to bring visibility across 95% of express movements and 500,000 plus vehicles. LogiCloud manages visibility for over 2 mn packages every month.

·) LogiCloud can help to select lane wise logistics partners based on a set of rules. Shippers can set the rules based on their business requirements and change them as per seasons.

·) LogiCloud helps companies manage reverse logistics- from return requests to LSP allocation to return to warehouse acknowledgment.


Multi-LSP Connector, Central hub of communication, Order Control Tower, Multi-GPS tracking, Geo-fence tracking, Geo-fence management, Online/Desktop -based POD audit, Incident Management, Pay Trans, Delivery Reliability Tracking, LSP Scorecard, LSP auto-selector, Full Stack of analysis.



·) Order Management

·) LSP Allocation

·) Tracking and Prediction

·) POD Management

·) Freight Audit

·) IoT Aggregation

·) Control Tower & Analytics

·) Expense Aggregation

·) E-way Bill Management.



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