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Logix Platform supports web and mobile apps for extended business comfort. Businesses can manage entire operations via applications for e.g. tracking, POD upload, route optimization, load optimization

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Brand LogixGrid Technologies
Services Cloud solutions

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Product Information

Logix Platform is an effective solution for managing logistics. Logix PLatform runs on World’s Most famous Cloud Infrastructure – AMAZON AWS. Logix Platform supports all types of small medium and big logistics companies. Logix Platform can be customized as per your business requirements and supports integrations with all kinds of software, hardware, carriers, etc,. Logix Platform is used across the globe that is why it supports multi-currency and multi-language. With Logix Platform businesses can manage Warehouse, Transportation, Inventory, Finances, eFulfillment, Deliveries, Sales, HR, and much more. Logix Platform communicates on different channels to keep your customers updated about the shipment whereabouts/pickup requests and more. Auto notification to the customer with pickup vehicle detail Email/SMS on shipment pickup & delivery is sent. With more than 300 modules and integrations with various platforms make it the most unique solution in the market.



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